Cadillac Apologizes For Casting Call Notice Seeking ‘Real’ American Neo-Nazis

Thanks to Donald Trump, the term “alt-right” has entered the lexicon. Let’s be clear: “alt-right” = “neo-Nazi.” And apparently some in the U.S. are perfectly fine with that.

Luxury car maker Cadillac has been forced to issue an apology after a casting call announcement from a talent agency. That casting call, which states it is looking for “real people” to appear in a Cadillac commercial, seeks “any and all REAL alt-right thinkers/believers.”


Possibly more amazing than the fact the agency was looking for neo-Nazis is the description of the planned spot as “not meant to be offensive in any way.”

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Many of the actors who received the message couldn’t believe what they were seeing — especially the version of the notice that, unlike the one above, freely used the term “neo-Nazi.” Not to mention the fact that the agency was seeking neo-Nazis of “all ethnicities.”

The Cast Station, the casting company that put out the notice, says it was penned by an employee who has since been fired. But some weren’t buying the explanation, due to the fact that several different versions of the message had been circulated.

Cadillac took to Facebook to try and quell the outrage.


Perhaps the most amazing thing about the entire incident is that anybody would think it was acceptable to recruit for neo-Nazis for anything. But this is apparently where we are in the age of Trump and his alt-right/neo-Nazi right-hand man, Steve Bannon. This casting call is looking for “real” Americans. But these racists and authoritarians are the antithesis of what it means to be American.

No American should ever feel comfortable with the word “Nazi” used in any way other than an historical context. That political philosophy wreaked havoc in Europe some 75-80 years ago. In addition, over 400,000 Americans died in the war that arose from Naziism and Japanese militarism. If Trump wants to single out and remove people from the U.S. who he believes are a threat to the country he should start with the “alt-right.” But he won’t because most of them are his supporters.

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