Poor Lord Cheeto…The Intrawebz Iz Mean To Him So He Started His Monday Tweetfest By Blaming Obama

Poor Donnie. He just doesn’t understand why the 4/5ths of Americans who didn’t vote for him won’t bend over and take the complete and utter bullhonkey he’s selling. President Traffic Cone is a habitual liar who has hijacked the term “fake news” and turned it from something that describes 90 percent of conservative websites into a weapon for his propaganda machine against actual news sources that dare to report on the things he says.

When you take that and add to it decades of being considered a con artist and scumbag by his own peers, a political platform that benefits people as wealthy as he is, racists, xenophobes and the Christian right, what you have is a recipe for civil disobedience. In the year 2016, unfortunately for the Butternut Bigot, that also comes with an unfavorable social media presence.

Just imagine you live your whole narcissistic life to watch how people react to how great you are on Twitter. It’s actually pretty sad, albeit totally f*cking hilarious. It causes the Giant Oompa Loompa In Chief to tweet stupidity like this:

Well…it actually caused him to tweet this:

But of course he had to delete it because #1in was bound to become something completely hilarious. Actually, I do believe after I finish this up I’ll take my trolly self over there and make sure of it. Once again the Carrot Commander can’t even properly proofread 140 characters yet he gets to play with the nuclear football. Oh, what a wonderful world.

So here we are; the start of a brand new week. Trump took less than an hour after typical people start drinking their morning coffee to whine about how unfair his life is. Call the Whambulance, it’s all Obama’s fault.

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