Chachi Falls For Fake News Story, Makes Complete Fool Of Himself…Again

Scott Baio…is an idiot. There’s no better way to describe him. He’s a petulant, childish buffoon with no ability to differentiate between what is real and what is fantasy as long as it fits in with his ridiculous alt-right mentality. Oh…hey. Looks like there WAS a better way to describe him.

Chachi’s latest dufus dance was over a video that is as real and can be. It’s the tragic story of a veteran who was beaten to death because a 10-year-old boy lied to his mother and told her the man had hit him. The woman and some friends took the law into their own hands and ended up in jail for murder. That was over a year ago in Philadelphia.

As is customary for the rags imbeciles like Chachi read, the story was twisted this weekend into a nightmare for a veteran who was beaten to death — on Veteran’s Day no less — by a band of violent Trump protesters in Philadelphia. It is tragic that a man was murdered. It is more tragic that a douchebag like Scott Baio couldn’t have cared less until it was political retribution, whether it was real or not:

First of all, in true right-wing nutjob fashion, Charles in Charge of stupidity tweets out a link with a screenshot from the local news and asks “where’s the media?” Ummm…they were there, Scotty…you weren’t paying attention because it wasn’t a “protest” against Lord Cheeto. Second, it took me under 3 seconds to Google “homeless vet killed Philadelphia” and come up with a link to that liberal lie-fest Snopes, which had already debunked the story almost as soon as it was posted by the Christian right rag Baio linked to:


They go on to tell the story I paraphrased above.

So…Now, imagine that you’re Chachi. You’re a washed-up actor and…ahem…director who will probably end up working for Donald Trump’s clown college of an administration. You’ve just been caught being an idiot. Do you admit your mistake, comment on how tragic it was that a man did actually die and move on? Of course not. You instead try to make it look like you knew all along that you were lying for your “cause” and trying to paint protesters as murderers:


Oh, Chachi…but yo do. You do care. That story was national news last April. Had you not had your head in your ass trying to be someone important you could have seen it when it actually happened and been outraged then. You only care now because it was tied to protests of your man crush.


You don’t, Scotty. You don’t recognize anything about this. You’re a fool who thought he was retweeting something juicy. You were caught being an idiot. Why should today be any different? Admit it and go back to pretending you’re an American success story. The rest of us are gonna look at tweets like this one:


Then we’re gonna point at you and laugh, because…let’s face it…all you’re doing is wasting precious oxygen.

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