Chachi Just Sent A Tweet So Incredibly Sexist And Stupid He Wins Today’s Trump Award

Scott Baio doesn’t seem to understand that just because he’s a sexist jackass with no respect for women that other people may not be. He spends his days pretending to be a successful, wealthy, retired actor and director when the reality is that he’s a washed-up buffoon whose claim to fame ended a couple of decades ago. The girl from Charles in Charge is worth more than he is.

It may be those types of things that make the Chacharoonski hate women the way he does, or it may be that he’s just a degenerate douchebag. Either way, he continuously proves that he’s doing nothing on this planet but sucking up a decent man’s air and wasting good bandwidth on Twitter.

Today’s “Trump Award,” given to the imbecile most deserving of a punch in the face, goes to the Chachmeister for an exchange he had with a woman that ended with a tweet so unbelievably sexist and stupid that Trump himself may have had a hard time hitting send. The woman wanted to know if Charles in Charge of misogyny was truly OK with Trump’s gropegate statements about grabbing, groping and kissing women against their will.

Caution, this idiocy may cause vomiting:


Yes, stupid. That’s the exact same thing. A man had an affair 20 something years ago that was dragged through the mud, almost destroyed his marriage and placed an asterisk on his presidency in the form of censure. It was a scandal. Was.

The difference, you moron, is that Monica Lewinski wasn’t grabbed against her will, kissed without being asked or groped in the genitals without her consent. For you to even make that argument proves you are far too stupid to have any kind of public opinion. It’s time for you to shut your account down and focus on something that matters, Chachi.

Maybe you should try a new reality show: Scott Baio is 40 whatever the hell you are and going back to school for his GED.

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