Chachi Reveals What It Would Take For Him To Renounce Trump…And Why He’s So Ignorant

Has-been actor Scott Baio, aka “Chachi” from “Happy Days” is one of Donald Trump’s biggest fans, and one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest detractors. But apparently he does have a point of no return that would cause him to drop his support for The Donald.

On Tuesday one of Chachi’s Twitter followers asked him if there was anything Trump could do that would cause him to lose his respect for the candidate. Baio was emphatic in his reply.

Let’s go to the scorecard.

Hillary Clinton has been the subject of multiple investigations over a period of almost 25 years. The email server and Benghazi are just the latest. During her husband’s term there was Whitewater and “Travelgate.” These investigations have been carried out by Republicans in Congress who have been conducting an ongoing political vendetta, not by law enforcement agencies.

Even with a lower standard of proof, congressional Republicans have never come up with any concrete evidence of wrongdoing by the former Secretary of State. And in one of the few instances where Clinton was investigated by law enforcement, FBI Director James Comey, another Republican who had investigated the Clintons in the past, said “no reasonable prosecutor” would bring a case against her over the use of a private email server.

Clinton has also been named as a defendant in some 900 lawsuits, many of which were filed by federal prisoners or political activists. In a good number of those cases Clinton is only one of a number of federal officials named as defendants.

That’s the count on Clinton. Multiple investigations, zero prosecutions, zero convictions.

And Trump? USA Today reports that Trump has been involved in some 4,095 legal actions over a period of 30 years. Cases involving customers of his casinos who were sued by Trump to collect debts account for almost half of that number. But in the overwhelming majority of the remainder, Trump has been named as a defendant. Those cases involve everything from contract disputes to personal injury. Many of those suits resulted in out of court settlements, but in many others Trump was the loser. Sad.

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Win or lose the election, Trump has two more upcoming court dates. The first occurs later in November, when the fraud case against Trump University goes to trial. The second, a civil case involving charges he raped a 13-year-old, is scheduled for a hearing in December.

So Scott Baio says he will lose his respect for Trump if he was half as dishonest as Clinton. Based on the number of legal actions involving each, it appears Trump has already surpassed that threshold.

Your move, Chachi.

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