Charlie Sheen Just Totally Ruined His Perfectly Classless ‘Trump Next’ Joke With His Latest Tweet

Charlie Sheen became someone a majority of Americans could look up to earlier this week when he asked God to take Trump next on Twitter. The tweet was posted all over social media and became the mantra of all but the 61 million imbeciles who actually voted for the giant orange traffic cone currently making a fool of himself for all the world to see.

Before 2016 officially comes to an end, cutting short the last 12 hours of hope many Americans have held onto, Sheen went and jumped the shark, taking to Twitter to ruin the ounce of credibility his alleged sanity had mustered:

Just…sigh. Ted Cruz? So…you want to go from Donald Trump to the only person who could possibly have been worse? Ted Cruz is a pimple on the ass of America. His ideals are so extreme that he bursts into flames when he comes north of the Mason-Dixon line. His vision for America is more white, Christian and male than Trump and his team of swamp creatures combined.

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Unfortunately for Sheen, even Ted Cruz knows he’s a total nutbar:

Ba har har har. What a shame. Two idiots managed to turn something awesome into…this.

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