Cheapskate Donald Trump Tries To Screw Paint Store Out Of $315k–Loses Bigly

And here’s another story about one of them there “Obama judges” acting out of order and making our Lord and King, Donald Trump, actually pay his workers. I mean, where do these people get off thinking that Mango Mussolini has to pay them when they work for him? This sort of thinking — that we need to get paid for the work we do — is what drives employers like Donald Trump to hire undocumented immigrants to work for him instead of real American workers.

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It’s that entitlement, I tell ya. Kids today, expecting to get paid for the work they do. What do they think this is, Socialism?

Today’s instance of a judge putting justice above petty tribalism comes from Florida’s Third District Court of Appeals, which, in a Wednesday ruling, rejected the claim by Trump National Doral that they didn’t have to pay a Miami paint store chain they contracted the more than $315,000 they owed the store.

I have no idea if Obama appointed the judge or not, but since Judge Jorge Cueto disagreed with Donald Trump, he must have. The judge is also probably an illegal, and I know this because my right-wing sources assure that if he were White dumbass like them A Real American™, he’d totally agree with Trump.

The story begins in 2012, when Trump purchased the golf course and contracted the Miami paint store chain to assist. Then, it spent the next few years trying to get out of paying The Paint Store the more than $315,000 it owed them.

Last summer, Trump’s company argued that because The Paint Shop didn’t follow certain Florida statues to the letter and that the Notice to Owner from The Paint Shop identified the wrong company, they didn’t deserve the money still owed to them.

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Judge Cueto and the appellate court gave those arguments the treatment they deserved: they smacked the arguments down and ruled that Trump’s company, Trump Endeavor 12, would also be paying The Paint Shop’s legal fees, which totaled $282,949.91.

So he lost in court. Although, honestly, after his Muslim ban, you think he’d be used to losing in court.

Are you tired of all this winning, yet? Because I think there’s plenty more winning waiting in the future.

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