Check Out Donald Trump’s 16 INSANE Letters To The Scottish Gov’t About Wind Turbines

It is no secret that Donald Trump really, really hates wind turbines. The self-proclaimed billionaire has been in a battle with the Scottish government for years over an offshore turbine farm that can be seen from his Aberdeenshire golf course, Trump International Golf Links. In fact, one of the first things he did as president-elect was speak to the leaders of the Brexit movement about opposing support of future turbine farms.

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While we may have known how much Trump hated the turbine farms, we did not know how absolutely f*cking crazy he went over the Scottish farm. He went so batshit, the he sent SIXTEEN letters to the Scottish government and Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond in an attempt to stop the one by his golf course from being built.

Here are the 16 letters in all of their glory:

1. September 14, 2011: Trump says he has been “repeatedly” promised the wind farm would not be completed and asks,”Would you put a wind farm opposite St Andrews … I don’t think so.”

2. September 26, 2011: “Let them ruin the coastline of Sweden first.”

What did Sweden ever do to Trump?!

3. October 12, 2011: Trump calls the wind farms “monsters” sends articles “proving” it.

4. February 9, 2012: Trump claims he is trying to “save Scotland” and “honour my mother” by stopping the construction of the farm.

5. March 12, 2012: Trump is super butthurt that he hasn’t seen the artist’s impressions of what the turbines will look like.

6. March 12, 2012: “Do you want to be known as ‘Mad Alex – the man who destroyed Scotland’?”

7. March 29, 2012: After being insulted by Trump, First Minister Alex Salmond calls for an investigation into Trump; this makes Trump a sad bear.

8. April 19, 2012: “Wind power does not work,” Trump claims.

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9. May 2, 2012: Trump promises to be Salmond’s “cheerleader” if he gives him what he wants.

10. May 2, 2012: “Your idea of independence is ‘Gone With The Wind.’”

11. July 17, 2012: Trump praises government for tax cut proposal.

12. August 7, 2012: “Germany has cut back on windmills … why not sell them to Scotland if Scotland is stupid enough to buy them.”

13. August 16, 2012: He sent a letter to UK Defence Secretary Philip Hammond claiming the turbines were “monstrous” and the only purpose of the wind farm was to satisfy Salmond’s “bloated ego.”

14. November 12, 2012: Trump warns the 11 turbines are about to cause the entire Scottish tourism industry to collapse.

15. March 13, 2013: Trump insults Salmond again.

16. June 5, 2013: Trump brags that his gold course is super awesome.

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Maybe Trump plans to annoy our allies and enemies into submission when he is president.

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