Check Out The Trump-Loving ‘Christian’ Who Just Posted This Picture Of Obama Swinging From A Noose

As a liberal writer I recently discovered the best way to find out what is going on in the crazy part of America is to infiltrate their Facebook groups and pretend that I am just like them. My boss calls it trolling but I’m like an embryo troll as one of my colleagues put it. I’ve only been at it a week and my brain already feels like it may explode from the abundance of ignorance I’ve subjected myself to.

Yesterday, while perusing the timeline of one of my terrible alts, I came across the usual “Obama is never going to leave office because he’s a Kenyan tyrant” type post that is so popular on the right:


Of course the post is complete bullhonkey but that didn’t stop the totally-not-racist assholes on the right from saying the president should be hanged and sharing a photo depicting just that:

Screenshot via Facebook

Now, you may have seen David’s comment and thought,”WOW! What a racist piece of sh*t!” But you’d be wrong. You see, according to his timeline he is a good Christian patriot who just wants to protect ‘Merica from the likes of Obummer and Killery. Oh and also he lurvs Jesus. A LOT. Here is some of the patriotic stuff that can be found on his Facebook page:





Behold! Your typical right-wing, pseudo-Christian patriot who wants to kill the first black president by lynching him. I don’t know about you but I totally believe that a man who would like to see our president assassinated, who doesn’t respect our democracy and wants to elect a xenophobic hate-monger totally loves our country.


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