Child Abuse May End Up Becoming Legal In Indiana Thanks To Mike Pence

A case in Indiana, home of Trump’s VP pick Mike Pence, is drawing the attention of many in the political sphere. It’s the case of a woman named Kin Park Thaing. She has a 7-year-old boy and a 3-year-old girl, who were both beaten by her so badly that the boy had to be taken to a hospital for medical evaluation. The inconvenient part for Pence is that he might have ended up making sure that she not only goes unpunished, but he may have set the case to make such behavior legal in his state.

Thaing describes herself as “Christian,” but what else is new? She said in a statement, “I was worried for my son’s salvation with God after he dies.” How does a 7 year old even understand such things, let alone the 3 year old who she also beat?

The boy was taken to the hospital after a teacher noticed welts on him that were not covered by clothing. A medical exam counted 36 separate bruises on the boy’s back, thigh, left arm and face. Photographs used in the trial showed deep long purple lines across the child’s skin where she struck him with a plastic coat hangar repeatedly.

Thaing was arrested and charged for her crimes, however thanks to Mike Pence, she may just end up being the next conservative hero who makes child abuse in the name of God a legal thing to do.

Thaing’s attorney, Greg Bowes, is using the Religious Freedom Restoration Act that Pence pushed to become law in Indiana, to defend his client. Bowes argues that RFRA “gives Thiang the right to discipline her children in accordance with her beliefs, and that the state should not interfere with her fundamental right to raise her children as she deems appropriate.” He also cited other law in Indiana, which apparently allows a parent to use tools to beat children, such as electrical cords or belts. Can you believe these laws actually exist?

This is exactly one of the things that sane-minded logical liberals said would happen if these laws were passed. At first, they were only to protect Christians from gay people buying wedding cakes. They said there was no way these laws would be taken to extremes where it would allow things like child abuse.

Now here we are, with a child abuser attempting to use the law to allow her to keep beating her children in a religious rage. It’s good that they promised this wouldn’t happen.

In the bible, God told Abraham to kill his own son, and he would have if God didn’t stop him at the last minute. Where will the line be drawn? How much, is too much?

If the court finds in favor of the defendant, I personally think that Indiana lawmakers should be required to issue a statement describing how many times and/or how severely you can beat your 3-year-old child until he or she understands fully why they need to accept Jesus Christ as their savior. I’d absolutely love to see their answer.

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