Chris Cuomo Just Grilled Kellyanne Conway For 17 GLORIOUS Minutes

CNN’s New Day Anchor Chris Cuomo held Kellyanne Conway’s feet to the fire in a line of questioning for which we all have been waiting.

In the interview, Cuomo jumped straight to the punch asking Conway why Trump and his transition team continue to deny Russia’s influence on the election. You know, something that is a direct threat to our democracy and certainly cause for great concern. However, of even greater concern is the fact that we now have a leader who continues to deny anything ever happened.

Cuomo asks Conway:

Why does he [Trump] continue to fight what is so obvious to so many?

Conway answered with responses that we can only suspect she pulled straight from Trump’s supporter’s comments on his Twitter feed – asinine statements riddled with “well that’s your opinion” when asked factual questions, and pivoting to political banter.

In other words, deflect, deflect, deflect.

The two sparred for 17 minutes straight with Cuomo persistently redirecting back to his original question. Conway squirmed around, clearly uncomfortable with the line of questioning.

At one point, Conway quips back at Cuomo, “I see you’re very passionate about this.”

Sure I am. Russia trying to hack during our election being ignored by the president-elect? That’s troubling.

She responds, “Right. No it’s not.”

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If ever the quote, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks” applies, it’s in this interview.

Watch Chris Cuomo keep Kellyanne Conway in the hot seat, here:

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