Christian Couple Responsible For Murdering Child Prayed While He Died

Few things are as useless as prayer, and we have yet another visceral illustration of that with the death of 7-year-old Seth Johnson, the adopted son of Timothy and Sarah Johnson.

Parents are supposed to be responsible, and they’re supposed to take care of their children. Far too often among Christians in this country you find parents who put their own faith above their child’s well-being, and many times, it leads to situations like the one that poor Seth found himself in before he died — in a pool of his own vomit, covered in therapeutic honey and open sores, wearing a diaper, with his parents praying for him on the morning of March 30, 2015.

I wish that was a sentence I didn’t have to say, but that’s exactly what happened.

According to the initial reports, the family — which featured these so-called “parents” —  didn’t take their son to see the doctor when he began suffering from pancreatitis because… well, because they’re a living demonstration of the phrase, “sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice”:

[A]uthorities say they did not get him medical treatment because they had “issues with going to doctors.”

What issues were those? Well, the University of Google strikes again:

They were concerned that a doctor would put Victim A on medications and believed that they got better information from their own research.

And what conclusions did the medical professionals come to after doing their own research? That he had post-traumatic stress disorder, a traumatic brain injury, and was suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome. Therefore, the best solution for his problems was Neosporin and “medical honey.”

If you’re trying to find a causal chain in their decision-making process, don’t bother. There’s no logic anywhere in that.

The night before Seth died, Timothy and Sarah were out-of-town on wedding, and left Seth in the care of an older sibling (he was one child in a family of 7). Their eldest son called Sarah and Timothy to tell them Seth wasn’t responsive, and when they did return — well after their eldest son had called them — they prayed while he died.

After he died, Sarah and Timothy posted on Facebook thanking the friends and family for helping them “spiritually, emotionally, physically & financially” (they raised $7,000 for his funeral), and cited their Christian faith, which did jackshit to save the poor boy’s life.  Although I’m sure that they would be the first people to protest abortion and claim that we have a “right to life.”

About the only positive to come out of this is that they’ve been charged for neglect.

Currently, the couple face a $3,000 fine and up to a year in prison. Which, if you ask me, isn’t nearly enough to pay for ending this child’s life with their willful ignorance.

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