Christian Lunatics Hyperventilating Over Popular Dolls Possessing Their Kids With Demons

A small collective of more-Christian-than-you individuals have discovered something so mind-blowing that it will literally cause the collapse of not only the American government, but possibly capitalism itself. Retail stores are colluding in a plot with the government to prepare your children for bestiality and human/animal hybrids by possessing them with demons contained in popular children’s dolls.

The evidence couldn’t be more clear, as Facebook user Jessica Loewen Mason points out.

1Oh God and baby Jesus, the doll is stealing my soul!

But it isn’t just 2 headed dolls that are stealing our kids’ souls. Other ones are indoctrinating our youth for “unnatural things!

It's clearly a "Human/Animal" Hybrid
It’s clearly a “Human/Animal” Hybrid

Not long after the big reveal, fellow people who were also saved by Jesus showed up to tell her how totally correct she was.

Shame on all you “unsaved” mothers for not understanding spirits.
Beyonce….. really?
Jessica protects her kids with a VCR to prevent dolls opening gateways.

If you thought Jessica was bad, wait till you see her friend Brandi who refuses to take her medication as prescribed.

Yoga poses are the devil.
And this is how Jessica has the PROOF that these dolls cause “weird stuff” to happen.

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Without Jessica and other mindful “Christian” Ghostbusters like her, America would have fallen to doom. Lets all give her a rousing round of applause and be thankful that she will vote to protect America from the dangers of our own government using demonic dolls which were made in China against our children.

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