Colbert Knows Exactly What’s Up With Trump’s Sniffling Problem (VIDEO)

Did you notice Trump’s sniffling problem during the debate? Stephen Colbert sure did, and he made certain to work it into his post-debate live show on late night TV.

While Stephen tried to get some comedic digs in on both candidates, it wasn’t possible to give them equal time. Hillary was calm, rational, well prepared, informed and acted very presidential. Trump was… well… Trump. With that in mind, most of his monologue targeted Donald. We don’t care, though, because the whole thing was hilarious.

There was so much material provided by the antics of Donald that Stephen had one of his best opening monologues in months. He couldn’t even keep a straight face through some parts of it.

In spite of how bad this election cycle has been, last night’s debate almost makes up for it with the sheer comedy that came out of Trump’s behavior. If the rest of them are going to be as good, I think it’ll be worth the long wait.

Watch Colbert’s full opening below:

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