Conservative Hero Claims He Was Treating His Autism With Child Pornography

Christian Hine was all over the internet for years. He held rallies at the U.S. Capitol for conservative causes. He was an ardent crusader against the Affordable Care Act. He had spoken at rallies held by people like Rand Paul. He also presided over a North Carolina-based Tea party group.

By all measures this guy was a serious, if not famous, conservative leader and spokesman for superior morality, Christian family values, and all that Republican bullshit. I mean his name was even “Christian,” so how much more righteous can you get?

Christian had a secret. He was a child pornography addict.

He claimed that in order to treat an autistic disorder, and depression from a failed relationship, he was “self-medicating” with child pornography.

What a total surprise. Another aggressively ultra-conservative angry a-hole turns out to be a disgusting example of everything that is wrong with America. It’s getting to the point where if someone votes Republican, you can bet they’re either a tax cheat, adulterer, closeted non-hetero individual, kiddy-diddler or other form of felon.

Hine’s lawyer said in a statement to the court “It’s difficult to understand how Christian ended up in such a terrible place.” It really isn’t, when you think about it objectively. The more zealous your average conservative is when it comes to public expressions of their political opinion, the more they’re doing it to cover up their self-loathing and guilt over private behavior.

Anti-gay people end up getting caught with secret boyfriends. Family values guys are busted nailing their secretaries. In Hine’s case, he was sort of an “all of the above” conservative when it came to the issues, so he was the lowest of the low behind closed doors.

Unsurprisingly, Hine’s espoused many Libertarian views as well. It isn’t a shock considering the Libertarian party almost had their presidential nominee in 2008 be someone who advocated for the legalization of sex with children.

After the investigation was complete, it was discovered that Hine’s had more than 700 pictures of child pornography, which he had been sharing over a peer-to-peer service for more than 10 years.

In perhaps the ultimate irony, his lawyers blamed the fact Hine spent the last 10 years involved in child pornography on his inability to get medical help for his autism and depression. The same guy that fought against the Affordable Care Act is bitching that he couldn’t get medical help for his “problems.” Give me break, will ya?

They also complained about there being a “stigma” on internet porn, which prevented him from talking to people to get assistance. Here we go again. The same political party he belongs to is the one that stigmatizes pornography, in general, the most out of any other group. The irony is at such elevated levels I’m developing toxicity symptoms from it.

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