Clueless Conservative Says Poor Donald Trump Wasn’t A Racist Until Democrats Made Him One

Paul Joseph Watson is one of the minions doing the work of Alex Jones at InfoWars and Prison Planet. He needs our help today because he obviously doesn’t know how to use The Google.

On Monday morning Watson tweeted this:

Oh, lookee! Our god-emperor president-elect with black people! How can he possibly be racist? Even Al Sharpton is smiling at him.

Watson, like fellow conservative ass Milo Yannopoulos, is British. So maybe the Google doesn’t give him the same results that it gives me when I type the terms “Donald Trump racist.” Always willing to help, here is a prime example of Donald Trump being racist, long before the Democrats said he was one.

Forget about all of the racism that spewed from Trump’s pie-hole during the primary campaign. Even though he was running against other Republicans then, Watson would likely claim that was Democrats’ fault, somehow. No, let’s jump in the wayback machine, and go back to a time long ago, long before Watson was alive. Back to 1973…

1973. I was in high school. Richard Nixon was in the White House. Nixon would at some point become a Trump fan, encouraging him to run in a 1987 letter. But in 1973 Nixon’s Justice Department wasn’t a fan of the real estate mogul at all.

The DOJ conducted an investigation which found four Trump employees who told them that applicants for apartments owned by the Trump family business were screened by race. One rental agent said that Trump’s father Fred told him that he wanted to reduce the number of black renters in his buildings and he should not rent to African-Americans.

OK, you say, that was Fred Trump, not The Donald. As the carnival barker says, “Wait. There’s more.”

Donald was already the president of the Trump Organization. And how did he react to the DOJ’s investigation? Was he shocked, shocked that racism was going on in his company? Did he agree with cooperate with the government and work on fixing the problem? Not exactly.

Trump hired Roy Cohn, Joe McCarthy’s former lawyer and a man so despicable that even his mother’s love for him was questionable. Cohn filed a $410 million lawsuit against the government, and referred to DOJ investigators in loving terms such as “gestapo” and “storm troopers.”

And what did our glorious future president-elect do? He ran to the press and cried about “reverse discrimination.” He also whined about being forced to rent to “welfare recipients.” As Michael D’Antonio notes in Fortune,

In the early 1970s, ‘African American’ and ‘welfare’ were used interchangeably and it was a well-established hallmark of dog-whistle politics, which allowed speakers to appeal to racist beliefs without using openly racist terms. More whites used welfare assistance than blacks, but welfare was regarded by some as a special benefit for minorities.

A judge dismissed Trump’s counter-suit against the Justice Department, calling it a “waste of paper.” Only then did Trump give in to the government. As part of the deal the Trump Organization had to give the Urban League’s Open Housing Center a list of vacancies every week. He also had to advertise vacancies in newspapers that were aimed at the black community.

So, Paul Joseph Watson, there is just one example for you of Trump being accused of racism. Not only was this long before he “ran against Democrats,” but the charge came from a Republican Department of Justice.

Paul, I’m sorry your Google isn’t working. Hopefully you’ll get it fixed soon. In the meantime if you’d like more examples of Trump being racist, just drop me a line. I’ll be glad to help.

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