Conservative Star Tomi Lahren Gets Well-Deserved Dose Of Karma After Humiliating Tweets Surface

When it comes to conservative women, there are generally three types: the deluded-type, which is most of them; the hypocrite-type, which describes Ann Coulter and Phyllis Schafly; and the Roger Ailes-type, which is half the female cast of Fox news. The later is for the older generation of conservative men who can’t afford Viagra, because how else are you going to fantasize about reviving the white race with Obamacare spiking your premiums?

And then you get the occasional one who manages a trifecta. Tomi Lahren is just such a person. Blond, vapid, and working at The Blaze (to quote a famous movie, “that’s no way to go through life, son”), Lahren has opinions. They just happen to belong to the Blaze.

And there’s a reason for that. After all, her own thoughts are much, much more interesting:

Donald Trump might be interested in that, honey. Give him a call, and be sure to put on your thickest Russian accent. Tell him Putin sent you.

And this is just one of many hypocritical tweets people have been digging up on her profile.

Lahren’s been taking this as well as you might imagine:

Regardless how she feels now, Lahren was apparently a much hipper person back in the day, before she joined up with The Blaze and became an abysmal human being (read: typical conservative). As a case in point, all these tweets that Lahren has been desperately deleting:

The more of these I read, the more convinced I am she should be in line to be Donald Trump’s next wife. My understanding is he likes it when people pop that pee, too (#SorryNotSorry).

And it continues. After all, there’s nothing wrong with a little right-wing hypocrisy to close out your week, right?

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