Conservative Women’s Campaign To ‘Shatter Stereotypes’ Goes Hilariously Wrong (TWEETS)

While perusing through a Twitter feed I have set up to see what kind of nonsense the conservative world has to offer, I came across something that turned out to be just as predictable as I ever would have guessed. Katie Pavlich, Fox News contributor and columnist for various right-wing propaganda rags, tweeted this picture:

Katie is, as expected of a Fox contributor, very blonde, quite pretty (on the outside) and exactly what her shirt says. As soon as I saw the shirt I couldn’t help but giggle, knowing exactly what I was about to find: a handful of minority women in a sea of pretty young college students, all making their way into the conservative world of servitude to their man, happily accepting lower wages because of the time they spend outside the workforce raising children instead of building their “human capital” who allow their clergy to make their health care decisions for them.

This is the group that’s going to “shatter stereotypes.” I got the feeling that aside from that handful of minorities who actually may believe the hashtag to be true, the glass ceiling installed over the heads of these women wasn’t going anywhere. I turned out to be right…go figure.

The most popular post is an article by Forbes that shows eight women, two of whom are minorities, making this “movement” look like a perfectly balanced picture of the American demographic:

then there are a couple of other posts from women of color, declaring the stereotype shattered:

We sure do. We want you to be paid equally, treated equally and given the choice to live your life how you want and to make your own healthcare decisions. Horrible liberals.

Antonia may not look like the stereotypical conservative but she is a regular contributor on NRA News. Imagine that.

The only other picture I could find of a woman of color is a group photo where a black woman was allowed to stand in the back corner to show diversity:

And then this tweet says it all from there:

Let the auditions for the next Fox and Friends actress begin:

Yes, I see her…They managed to increase diversity levels by .000024%

Hey, wait a second…they posted her twice…That’s not fair.

We’ll top it all off with a picture that would look great in a matched set with Paul Ryan’s intern selfie:

They sure are showing the world that conservative women aren’t what you’d expect, aren’t they? The liberal response to this should be fantastic to behold. Personally, I can’t wait.

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