Conservatives Are Starting To Freak Out Over Facebook’s Crackdown On ‘Fake News’

It’s really no surprise that conservatives have gone into a complete meltdown over Facebook’s new policy to combat “fake news.” As a Liberal Troll, I’ve infiltrated and lived in their world for years and I can tell you from first-hand experience that all they read and all they care about are fake news stories, conspiracy theories and hyperbolic re-writes of facts so twisted they are but shadows of what came off of the news ticker.

It’s what they do. There’s a reason why Fox News has a different version from everyone else of every political story that hits their anchor desks and couches: they’re the propaganda arm of the GOP. Fox News is mild, however, compared to the “news” offered to the right-wingers on social media, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

That’s why we’re starting to see those who spread pure garbage lash out at Facebook’s plan to kill it. They see the end of their pages, blogs and careers on the horizon as the platform people use most to get their “news” moves from tech company to editorial review board:

The ever-delusional Ann Coulter never fails to disappoint. In the face of adversity, with everything she does and says about to be penalized by the infamous Facebook algorithm, she invokes the evil Soros, which is irony at its finest. Fight fake news with fake news, Ann…That’ll solve it.

Here’s a nifty little ditty Ted Cruz re-tweeted:

Facebook plans to use fact-checking services like Politifact and Snopes, both of which have always been decried by the right as “liberally biased.” Of course they’re liberally biased; the truth always is. That article takes a single example of a judgment call made by Politifact that they later retracted, maintaining their reasons as valid, out of tens of thousands of facts checked every year.

The “facts” are simple: conservatives live a lie. They enjoy their lie. It allows them to believe Obama is a communist, fascist, socialist Muslim terrorist from Kenya, making it OK to hate the black guy without having to use traditional American racial slurs. It allows them to share about FEMA camps and trains full of people being sent for re-education. They turned the training exercise Jade Helm into the beginning of Obama’s takeover of America with martial law and military force. They’ve told us for 8 years about all the ways we’ll lose our rights.

It’s what they do.

Now, I do have to disagree with much of the hype over “fake news.” Yes, I think it’s reprehensible when liberal sites like Addicting Info, Bipartisan Report, Groopspeak, New Century Times, Winning Democrats, If You Only News and US Uncut twist a headline so far from reality you can’t help but click only to find Trump isn’t actually furious, he’s not actually being indicted or that Elizabeth Warren’s “MAJOR announcement” is that she won’t be making an announcement. It’s turned mainstream America against hyper-partisan blogs that tell the truth.

Blogs like ours: this little corner of the internet that isn’t listed as News/Media and doesn’t report on very much “news” at all but instead dedicates itself to exposing the idiocy of the right. We’re a band of liberals who have all worked for those big-name blogs and don’t care to be a part of the bullhonkey any longer, yet still we’re constantly called “fake” because we’re not boring your socks off with another version of what Congress didn’t do yesterday.

So yes, there is a liberal side to all of this and quite honestly, we’re hoping the big blogs get what’s coming to them when they publish crap stories with crap headlines. But please…not even those asshats can be compared to the right. Blame Macedonian teenagers all you want. In the end, they did the same thing that the right’s big blogs like Freedom Daily, Young Cons, Conservative Lady and all the rest have been doing for years: They lie.

If you want to see a great example of how conservatives choose to live their lives and get their information, go visit The Resistance. It’s a page run by liberal trolls for the sole purpose of showing the world just how stupid the other half is. Yes, it is “fake news,” but the news turns on them about halfway through each article, exposing that they’re being lied to. It’s blatant and hilarious. Still they take to the Facebook page and post their stupid hate-filled comments and share the lies they are told are lies thousands of times. There’s a clear satire disclaimer and at this point, it can’t even be considered that. It’s straight parody. They eat it up.

Quite honestly, it’s hard to imagine what the right will do without fake news. They won’t be…them…anymore. It’s easy to claim your Obamacare premium went up 4000 percent to $14,763 per month with a $40,000 deductible when Conservative Tribune just ran a completely false story about that same fictitious thing happening, re-running it with a new sensationalized headline every day for three months.

If it weren’t for the crap the big liberal blogs have been posting since they sold their integrity for a pile of cash and some magic beans, I’d say leave it alone. Yes, fake news gets distributed, but for the most part it gets distributed to wildly gullible morons — as it has always been. Are we going to see people show up at the supermarket to black out the headlines on The National Enquirer with Sharpies?

Stupid is as stupid does. Trying to tell them the truth will just make them stop reading altogether.

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