Conservatives Outraged At ‘Sickening’ List Of Guests For Obama’s Private Party (SCREENSHOTS)

President Obama’s birthday wasn’t a joyous occasion if you’re a right-wing lunatic. It was another reason to hate; cause for the racism deep within your soul to make its way to the surface. Not only were there entire threads just for wingnuts to call him names and tell him to go back to Africa, there was also a private party that was as bad if not worse than Benghazi and Watergate combined.

Why? Because of the guest list. The list of people invited to this ultra-elite private affair was so disgusting, the title to an article in Conservative Post warned it would make you sick:


They seem to not understand the difference between “secret” and “private.” Secret is when nobody is allowed to find out. Private is when everyone knows but it’s not open to the public. Sometimes the words they use can be confusing to their readers, so it’s important to point them out. Here’s the super-secret, “sickening” guest list the propaganda rag was able to somehow find, probably by hacking a top-secret email server in the situation room:

[S]alt-of-the-earth types that attended Obama’s ultra-secret birthday party include retired NBA stars Grant Hill and Alonzo Mourning, movie legend George Lucas; Paul McCartney (a guest and a performer), Stevie Wonder (another guest and performer), Nick Jonas (a guest and one would hope, for the sake of the other guests, not a performer) and Ellen Degeneres.

If you’re not physically ill yet, they also produced the lying, traitorous insider who betrayed the president’s trust and out the event:

I suppose one can’t criticize someone too much for wanting Magic Johnson to be at his birthday party. After all, the man is certifiably awesome. He was one of a number of stars who broke a White House-imposed embargo on publicizing the event.

He supposedly “outed” the event with this tweet:

Hopefully they revoked his security clearance. Clearly he can NOT be trusted.

The ultimate shame was saved for a man the conservatives hate nearly as much as they hate President Obama:

[O]ne certainly can’t call “Reverend” Al Sharpton one of the “one percent,” given the ascetic lifestyle a man of the cloth must live. (At least, that’s what he tells the IRS, nudge nudge, wink wink.) After all, he’s so thin and frail from starvation that he looks like my grandmother got loopy on painkillers, wandered into a Men’s Wearhouse and started trying on random stuff.

Don’t you love how they put “Reverend” in quotes? It makes it look like he’s not a reverend. Hahahaha! They’re so clever. Apparently, Sharpton is another one who didn’t get the memo that the party was a level 5 secure event:

Yeah, this is how desperate the right is to keep hate alive in America. They have to manufacture scandals that their dumbass followers can then elaborate on. These are just a few of the comments on a Facebook post about the story, where idiots gathered to sling garbage and create issues out of thin air:

ct1 ct2 ct3

Those are actually the more legible posts from people who seem to be, by their profiles, at least halfway to intelligent and still there isn’t one single fact or reasonable accusation for the kind of abuse the president is taking for turning a year older.

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It’s almost as if it’s really just because he’s black.

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