Cruel Trumpsters Are Using This Innocent Little Syrian Girl To Be Racist, Heartless Scumbags

Reich wingers are gone and they aren’t coming back.

Over the course of the past couple days, I’ve learned about a mother who lived in the country for 22 years and has children who are American citizens. Her name is Guadalupe Garcia and she was deported last night when she went in for a routine check-in with ICE and was detained and later deported due to Trump’s executive order.

I’ve also learned about infant Fatemah from Iran who needed heart surgery and was on her way to join her American citizen grandparents in Portland, Ore. when her visa was canceled while in Dubai. Luckily, after a great deal of fighting she was eventually able to enter the US but she was one of the lucky ones.

And among all these heartbreaking stories one element remains constant — the black-hearted Republicans are doing victory dances over tearing apart families and putting children in mortal danger. Life has become binary to them and there is no room for gray areas or nuance in their sad little worlds.

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The Reich-wing has lost its ability for empathy —  if they ever possessed any at all. These religious zealots who brayed and honked about President Obama being the anti-Christ, or worse, Muslim, have now become the anti-thesis of Christianity. They are without compassion. They see kids being kept in war-torn countries with no food or shelter as “winning.”

And if you need further convincing just how far gone these people have become check out this meme and it’s related comments:

This tiny girl is adorable and any normal human being would react by feeling punched in the heart.

But not neo-Nazis who have taken over our country. Oh no. This cutie pie is the enemy. And the depraved person who posted this isn’t some lone voice shrieking out to a crowd of no one. There is a unified voice justifying this sickening behavior. The shitstain of White Supremacist dogma is all over every comment thread online, the neo-Nazis have taken over our government. It’s everywhere.

At the time of this publication, 47 people liked the meme and 29 people thought it was hilarious. But the reactions are nothing compared to the comments.

The comments go on and on like that.

This is no longer a civil disagreement between liberal and conservative values. This is not a conversation about if higher or lower taxes are the answer to the economy.

This is scapegoating. This is a complete lack of empathy for a human life. This is what it looks like when people have been thoroughly brainwashed by propaganda.

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To look at this little girl and see an enemy reminds me of a similar time in history when Germans could look into the faces of Jewish children and cheered as they were hauled away in cattle cars on trains to their deaths.

What has happened to the hearts and minds of the American people is not going to lead us anywhere good. Rather, I believe we’re heading towards the part of history where later generations will hang their heads in shame at what their parents and grandparents did.

If there are later generations.

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