Dad From Duggar-Like ‘Willis Family’ Show Was Just Arrested For Child Rape (VIDEO)

“If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.” After news surfaced about Josh Duggar molesting multiple children and his parents covering it up with the help of their friends surfaced, it quickly became clear that the once-popular TLC series “19 Kids and Counting” would soon end. And it did. The Duggar family, once adored by their audience, was abandoned after it came to light how absolutely godawful terrible they are.

TLC, of course, still needed a series featuring a family from a crazy Christian cult with 90-bajillion kids, so they solved the problem by bringing in the Replacement Duggars – the Willis family. Toby and Brenda Willis, who also subscribe to the same “Quiverfull” nonsense as the Duggars, fit that role perfectly. Their show featured the happy Christian couple and their 12 children traveling the country performing country music and spreading the good word of Jesus.

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Naturally, the show was terrible and was canceled due to poor ratings in April. But apparently, the real show was the grotesque and horrible sh*t went on behind the scenes.

On Saturday, the New York Daily News reported that the Willis family patriarch had been charged with raping an underage girl following a five-day investigation into allegations that he had raped her 12 years ago. Authorities caught up with Willis in Greenville, Kentucky where he had fled from law enforcement where he is being held without bond. He will ultimately be extradited to Cheatham County, Tennessee where he will also be held without bond.

TLC says they are “shocked” to hear this news.

We’re not.

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