WATCH: The Daily Show’s ‘Trump Is Screwing You’ Country Song Is A Must See Instant Classic

On Comedy Central’s The Daily Show Thursday night, host Trevor Noah explained to his audience why Donald Trump’s approval rating continues to be so low. It’s because Trump didn’t want to be president for all of the people, he said. Noah then played several clips of Trump explaining at various times who he sees as his constituency: the “forgotten man (and woman).”

“That’s right,” Noah said, “Trump and his people will not forget you. Unless you’re a Russian ambassador.”

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That’s the intro for Noah’s “Ode To the Forgotten Man,” three minutes of country music that is certain to be completely passed over at the CMA awards mixed with news clips about the things Trump has done so far to screw over all of those “forgotten men and women” he claims to love so well. It’s going to be a long four years.

Enjoy, via The Daily Show:

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