Dallas Police Chief Shames Congress’s Thoughts And Prayers: ‘Do Your Job And Help Us’ (VIDEO)

Republicans, almost without fail, side with cops when there’s an exchange of gunfire between them anyone else. They regularly accuse anyone who doesn’t take the side of police when it comes to shootings of being engaged in a “war on police.”

They’ve accused Democrats, minorities, Black Lives Matter — and any other individuals or groups that protest police brutality — of risking the lives of police by inciting violence against them.

To put it concisely: the GOP acts like if you don’t always support our police unquestioningly, it means you hate them and want them to die.

Since Republicans generally think this way, their response to the Dallas police chief should prove very interesting. You see, the Dallas police chief, David Brown, demanded that Congress act and pass gun control legislation to help prevent incidents like the mass shooting that happened in Dallas recently. Here’s Chief Brown’s take on the current situation in his own words:

There is a greater role in policy-making, and folks just need to do their job. There are too many things we all agree on on both sides of the aisle that we haven’t gotten done. We just need to get it done. Quit asking cops to chime in and do it for you. We’ve got a full plate. The policy-making, the laws being passed, that’s their job. We need to do it to be safer in this country. The issues have been long discussed. We are not getting to a place where we do anything. That’s the frustration for police officers.

So … There we have it. Cops want gun control legislation passed. Republicans ALWAYS support our cops and say if you don’t support them you’re an evil person. So what they hell are they going to do? Are they going to support our cops and live up to their Blue Lives Matter hype or are they going to just ignore police requests to help them? The response is going to be amazing to see.

Watch the chief of Dallas police, David Brown, tell Republicans to do their damned job in the video below:

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