BLM Activist Scolds Trump For Acting Like A Child On Twitter

Part of being an adult is learning to pick your battles, and not becoming belligerent and aggressive every time someone says something mean to you. It means being able to swallow your pride and take the high road to a fault, and knowing that fighting every fight isn’t beneficial, it’s counterproductive.

Alternatively, you can be like our thin-skinned PEOTUS and dive onto Twitter every time someone mocks you, which is exactly what Trump did after Alec Baldwin made fun of him during the SNL cold opening. He’s ostensibly an adult, so I guess that counts.

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Can we just pause for a second to appreciate how thin-skinned this man is, and how wrapped up in his own identity he is, and yet he was elected by people who accused liberals of having “thin skin” and playing “identity politics?” This is irony worthy of fiction — in fact, it already has a book: Nineteen-Eight-Four.

Trump’s Twitter outbursts are going to make history (provided this tangerine orangutan doesn’t get us into a nuclear war with China or India first), so it’s only acceptable that actual adults should be there to remind him that he’s literally carrying the world — actual adults like BLM activist Danielle Muscato, who eviscerated Trump on Twitter for his infantile behavior:

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He’s walked back on almost every promise he’s made and he’s not even in office. Drain the swamp? Sure, he’s draining it right into his transition team. Deport “illegal immigrants?” Eh, probably not. Build a “great Mexican wall?” Well, now it’s a fence. Which already exists. Save American jobs? Only if it benefits him and the company, like what happened with the textbook case of crony capitalism involving Carrier. Lock up Clinton? Well, no, not really.

Trump wouldn’t know what being an adult means. It’s too much work, and he’s never had to be one before. So don’t expect him to start now, either.

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