Delusional Donald Forgets How To Read — Tweets ‘WOW!’ At These…Ahem…’Great’ Poll Numbers

Donald Trump is either clueless, desperate to put a good spin on bad numbers, or some combination of the two. At times, he seems to think he is the victim of a grand conspiracy to rig the election against him. And other times, he grasps at straws to claim that he is on the rebound and a victory is still possible. Sometimes his comments are a strange amalgam of the two positions.

On Monday morning Trump tweeted this:

Like the last desperate attempt of a drowning man to stay afloat, Trump latched onto the one bit of good news he could find in CNN’s “Poll Of Polls.” He’s leading in Ohio. That is somewhat encouraging to him, no doubt, given that no Republican has ever won the White House without winning Ohio. But in the rest of the country, Trump has serious problems.

Sam Wang, the guru behind the Princeton Election Consortium, predicts that Hillary has a 96 percent chance of winning the election as of October 17. And the map at is getting bluer by the day. States that should be solidly red — South Carolina, Mississippi and Texas to name a few — are either pink or outlined in pink, meaning that Trump is barely holding onto them.

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But hey, no worries, right? Trump is leading Ohio. And of course some of his fans are using the Ohio numbers to bring back the old “skewed polls” claim made famous by Mitt Romney’s campaign four years ago.

While polls have occasionally been wrong in the past, they were right about President Obama’s crushing defeat of Romney in 2012 — and it is very likely they are right again this time. Romney took the news on election night like a kid who wakes up on Christmas morning and discovers Santa didn’t bring him his favorite toy. Romney’s reaction was pretty ungracious compared to how other losing candidates have handled defeat.

It’s pretty certain that Donald Trump is not going to handle defeat even that well.

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