Democrats Introduce Bill That Would Ensure We Never See Another Donald Trump Again

How do you make sure no Donald Trumps ever bother to run for public office after a fiasco like his current campaign? You DEMAND transparency.

Congressional Democrats are a little bit tired of Trump’s excuses over his tax returns. They know why he won’t release them. You know why he won’t release. He certainly knows why he won’t release them. If it were a requirement for him to release them, chances are he never would have run for office in the first place.

He won’t because he’s going to look very foolish. Either he pays a tax rate lower than a kindergarten teacher or else he over-inflated his income to make himself look more successful. Or a combination of the two. Regardless of the reason, it’s been the norm for decades for major party candidates to release their tax returns so the American people can use them as a gauge of their honesty. It’s not a law or even a rule, it’s just something everyone does.

Except Donald Trump.

The Connecticut Mirror reports that could soon change:

Since Donald Trump has declined to release his tax returns, Sen. Chris Murphy is backing a way to make them public – a bill that would force the issue.

Partnering with fellow Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., Murphy on Thursday pressed for votes for a bill that would require all presidential candidates from major parties to make public their tax returns within two weeks of their parties’ national conventions. The effort is part of a renewed Democratic campaign over Trump’s tax filings.

You may be asking if such a thing could even be constitutional or could it be considered an invasion of privacy. The answer to that is negative — Presidential candidates are regularly vetted by the American people, who have already chosen through their representatives in congress to make sure there’s transparency in campaign contributions and sources. Tax returns could very well be treated the same way.

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Of course, there’s little chance of this bill becoming law in a Republican controlled congress, and it certainly wouldn’t apply to this election, but once Trump is smitten and the party he represents decimated by down-ballot voting, the next congress could definitely make sure another Donald Trump never bothers to rear his ugly, orange head.

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