Desperate Conservatives Attack Obama For Handling Louisiana Flood Crisis Better Than Bush

Republicans were FURIOUS that President Obama didn’t drop everything and immediately go to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to tour the areas damaged by historic flooding. It was all we heard for days. Where was he? Was he out playing golf? WAS HE GRABBING OUR GUNS?

Well Obama showed up, and was nothing short of presidential by every definition of the term. He carried a message of hope, a commitment to aid well after the news crews went home, and openly directed the rest of the world where they could go and what they could do to help.

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By contrast, the Republican asshat jamboree handed out Play Doh for 1 minute before walking away when the cameras stopped rolling. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the only “Republican” thing anybody is talking about is the fact Trump may have lied about the donations he made.

With all this in mind, are conservatives satisfied with Obama’s response at least in comparison to their own? The answer probably will NOT shock you.

If you like Obama, you HAVE to be on welfare, according to Carl.
If you like Obama, you HAVE to be on welfare, according to Carl.
Jennifer knows why he approved aid, and it wasn't because people were hurt.
Jennifer knows why he approved aid, and it wasn’t because people were hurt.
He "ain't a real American's president"
He “ain’t a real American’s president”
Sam is actually complaining that Obama said we shouldn't be racist.
Sam is actually complaining that Obama said we shouldn’t be racist.
And now he isn't even Black.
And now he isn’t even Black.

Our friend Allison, though, brought it all into the perfect context:


Republicans don’t hate our government. They love it. They love taking things from it for free. Just look at the feeding frenzy going on in conservative Louisiana. All it took was some hard rain for them to go from demanding the government stay OUT of their lives to them demanding that it be IN them — all the way up to the elbow.

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Let’s face it. Republicans hate… hate… hate… the idea that our first black president showed up for the natural disasters that happened during his presidency and kicked ass, while George W Bush sat around playing tiddlywinks as New Orleans turned into a watery Mad Max movie.

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