Betsy DeVos Asked Twitter A Question And It Was A Big League Fail

Dumbass Betsy DeVos  started her work to dismantle our education system on Thursday and so far it is not going well for her. The new education secretary posted a photo on Twitter and asked the internet a question–and it all went downhill from there:

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She probably thought asking where the pencils are would elicit laughs from Twitter, but she was very, very wrong. Users on the social media site immediately lit into her:

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Teachers spend hundreds of dollars each year to buy their own school supplies because the Republican Party keeps f*cking with their funding and Twitter was more than happy to point that out to the billionaire. After they let her know how stupid the question was, many people just started roasting her:

Someone was kind enough to update logo for the Department of Education for her:

And, of course, the trolling would not be complete without references to grizzlies:

It’d probably be a good idea if Betsy just stays away from Twitter. They don’t seem to like her very much.

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