Did Donald Trump Just Leak Classified Info On The Very First Day He Was Briefed? (UPDATED)

Shortly after 9/11, Donald Rumsfeld made the decision to remove US troops from Saudi Arabia and return the remaining bases we had there back to the Saudi government, citing unrest in the region. Security would have been nearly impossible.

That’s the last anyone has heard about US military bases in the Arab nation other than some buzz from the BBC a few years back about a possible unmanned drone airstrip. Until today, that is. Donald Trump, speaking at a campaign event in Colorado Springs, mentioned how giving money to Saudi Arabia wasn’t going to help make America great again. Trump contends that if we’re going to have bases in Saudi Arabia to aid them with “protection,” we shouldn’t have to pay rent:

That poses a serious issue, as the Middle East columnist for the Wall Street Journal pointed out:

Being that Trump has never mentioned the issue before and today was the first day he received classified briefings, it brings the question, Is Donald Trump really that stupid? Is he seriously willing to risk the integrity of our intelligence and the safety of our soldiers for a good soundbyte?

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The answer, of course, is yes. Trump only cares about trump. So far this is speculation. Trump may very well just be inventing things again, but the timing and the sensitive subject matter make it awfully suspicious to say the least. Gopocalypse will keep you updated one way or the other.

**UPDATE** One site has retracted this story. That site reported it as a matter-of-fact piece of news and NOT speculation. As of now (7-31-2016, 8:30AM) There has been no word from any source to confirm or deny that Trump received briefings. In any case, there are only two possible outcomes: Trump received briefings and leaked classified info, or…he’s just really stupid. Either way, we’re happy to keep you updated.

**UPDATE** OK, so Snopes says there’s no proof that Trump received an intelligence briefing. They also say he’s complained about aid to the middle east before, specifically Saudi Arabia. That doesn’t seem to be the same thing as specifying military bases, but since the only way to confirm the existence of secret bases for him to cry about is to out secret bases, we will instead retract anything about this story that was anything other than speculation.  Sorry it didn’t pan out, we really wanted to see him go down for it, too.

We will, however, stick with the contention that Donald Trump is, in fact, extremely stupid. It’s what made this so believable to begin with.

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  • Abdul Mahmud

    This is enough. The CIA and FBI should bar Trump on technical grounds not to stand for the Presidency as he cannot withhold Classified information. If Trump was in any other country he would be disqualified automatically and sent to prison .

    • Karen R.

      We already know we pay rent for them the media leaked it along time ago. God you Idiots.

  • Chris

    OMG… Trump is a loose cannon without a filter!!!! He is not even smart enough to ask what is classified or not !!!!!! Just a smart ass that is going to set off WWIII….

  • Game of Life

    Why are you giving him the benefit of the doubt? Why do msm give him lead way? If he said it he meant it. He doesn’t get a chance to clean it up all the time.

  • Betty

    I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he did just find out through classified info and just couldn’t help himself from seeing it as yet another ‘LOOK AT ME…PAY ATTENTION TO ME’ moment…

  • C

    This story, and mind you I despise Drumpf, makes ZERO sense from the start. Why would Drumpf get ANY briefing at all on National Security issues or handed any information when he is not elected and hold no office of political influence now or ever? Do you people honestly believe that we just give “some guy” information? Come on! It’s as stupid as the “news” Fix reports. Don’t emulate trash.

    • Busta Troll

      Apparently you live under a rock. Trump and Clinton will both start receiving classified briefings now that they are the official nominees of their parties. We don’t simply make stuff up. There’s this thing called “The Google” you should try before you accuse people of such things.

    • Pammie

      Not true. Once both candidates have been nominated they are invited to sit in on classified briefings.

  • Richard

    “In any case, there are only two possible outcomes: Trump received briefings and leaked classified info, or…he’s just really stupid.” There’s a third, Trump received briefings AND he’s incredibly stupid. . .

    • John Sawyer

      I prefer to look at it like this: I start with “he’s incredibly stupid…”

  • Marilyn

    It’s fake. We have a very well known air base in Riyadh to begin with. I can’t believe how dumb people are.

    • Busta Troll

      The base in Riyadh is a joint training facility owned and operated by the Saudis. Please use the Google before leaving dumb comments.

  • noone

    Odd I posted proof that this story was a hit piece, left comments and they “magically” keep disappearing.

    The base was disclosed in 2013, this article is a lie. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/9853655/Americas-secret-drone-base-in-Saudi-Arabia-revealed.html

    • Busta Troll

      The unmanned drone airstrip was never considered a military base, you buffoon. Trump says we’re paying rent for “bases” in Saudi Arabia. That one undocumented base that is STILL not supposed to be public knowledge, if it does exist, and joint training facilities owned by the Saudis don’t qualify. Your comments disappear because you’re an idiot who won’t stop posting the same useless link to a secret airbase that may or may not exist that even if that’s what Trump is referring to is divulging state secrets. Now, I have better things to do with my time than to prove idiots wrong, so kindly fuck off.

      • noone

        because “Secret drone base” isn’t a base for your biased story, got it. Look blast whomever you want, but don’t make excuses when you are proven wrong. Keep it honest and keep it factual. No one is here to challenge your opinions, just to correct falsehoods. You claim to be “busting trolls” while being the troll telling lies, don’t be that guy.

        It was made public in 2013, which is very pertinent to this conversation because you claimed no bases existed, yet they were announced to exist and essentially declassified years ago. Call me all the names you want, just don’t lie to promote your opinions.

  • Ian Cameron

    Whenever I read these stories about classified information I remind myself of three points: (1) Americans seem to forget there is an outside world that functions completely independently from the US, and (2) that that outside world can gather and disseminate information spontaneously and with out regard to US security procedures, and (3) that classifying information really only means that American citizens are not allowed to know things. Everyone else can know anything they want. And the process of classifying information does not require, as a prerequisite, a determination that the information being classified is not widely know outside the US.

  • John

    Folks check it out and get it straight. It is FALSE.

  • Al Lowe

    I hope all you trolls realize, this is a 100% FAKE story. SHEESH

    • Busta Troll

      Thus the update, stupid. We never reported it as fact. We called it speculation on purpose. Learn to read or STFU.