Here’s How Trump Disrespected An American Flag To Fleece $25 Million From A U.S. City

Donald Trump is the ultimate user. He views everything and everybody through the lens of “how can I exploit this for my own benefit?” What’s particularly bad, though, is that he allows this attitude to bleed over into everything in his life, without keeping anything sacred.

In this case, Trump used an American flag as a gimmick to aggravate and eventually sue a city. It was in Palm Beach, Florida. City ordinances allowed for flags to be flown at residences within city limits, but only flags up to 4×6 feet in size and only on poles 42 feet or less.

Of course Trump wasn’t going to obey the rules. Instead of following local ordinances, he bought an 80 foot flagpole and a 25 by 50 foot American flag to fly from the top of it. This eyesore was planted down firmly at his gaudy orange Mar-A-Lago estate.

This is a picture of Mar-A-Lago. Yeah, even his friggin’ house is orange.


Trump being unaware of the local ordinances is excessively unlikely because there would have been some person that had to install the flag pole for him. Contractors that do this kind of work won’t be contractors for long if they don’t know local ordinances. They’d have told him. He did it anyway, because of course he did.

The next part, though is even worse. When Palm Beach started issuing him fines of $1,250/day, he ran to the media and expressed how proud he was over getting a city to “sue him” to take down an American flag. They didn’t actually sue him. They fined him and there is a difference between the two.

What came next may be what Trump’s plan was all along. He then sued Palm Beach for $25 million, claiming they violated his free speech rights. The lawsuit actually claimed a smaller flag “would fail to appropriately express the magnitude of Donald J. Trump’s patriotism.” This is where you know he’s doing this stuff on purpose.

In the end, the city settled the case to where Trump dropped the suit after the city agreed to stop bothering him, let him use a 70 foot pole, and on the condition he would give a donation to a veteran’s charity. Trump did make a donation but he used funds from his own charitable foundation to do it, which may have been a violation of the law.

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There was the Republican nominee, using what is supposed to be a sacred object to Republicans in disrespectful way to draw attention to himself and try to steal taxpayer money. But I’m sure he’s the actual victim here. Classic Trump…

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