Donald Trump Jr.’s Latest Tweet Shows An Ignorance Of History He Could Only Have Learned From Dad

It’s almost fun to watch the Trumps fumble their way around politics the same they’ve fumbled their way around business for decades. Often times in their quest to look like they have a clue, a little Trump will do, say or tweet something so incredibly stupid that we just can’t help but take a few hundred words to laugh at them about it.

Daddy Trump is a daily gaffe. To cover his idiocy takes far more energy than he’s worth, but alas — he is a presidential candidate supported by millions of assholes. We have to do the due diligence. When it comes to the kids, the coverage gets a little bit more fun.

Unlike most typical American families, the Trumps get dumber with each passing generation. It’s been concluded that Daddy Donald would have done better for himself and his family had he put his inheritance into a money market account. His sons, entitled little brats who like to kill endangered animal for sport, have taken a walk to the bottom rung of the Trump ladder where stupid lives and breathes.

Donald Jr showed just how dense he truly is on Friday when he tweeted this nonsense:

Oh little Cheeto…you unfortunate sad fool. Did you really just blame North Koreas sorry excuse for a weapons program on Bill Clinton? Yeah…you did.

Here’s the problem with that, cupcake: Bill Clinton managed to get Pyongyang to come to the table and the Agreed Framework agreement AFTER North Korea walked away from the international Nonproliferation Treaty. It wasn’t until 2003 that North Korea decided it wanted nothing to do with any treaties and would do whatever it liked. Can you guess who was president in 2003?

Poor Donnie J…Yet another swing and a miss. I’ll go ahead and leave you with some of the skewerings he subjected himself to with his idiocy. Ya know…just for fun:


Of course there are plenty of imbeciles like Little Oompa Loompa who think they have a clue, but honestly, their tweets are just mirrors of Trump’s ignorance and not worth the energy to paste.

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I’ll tell you one thing: George W. Bush is laughing his ass off right now. Losing the Korean deal over his “axis of Evil” comments is one of the worst failures of his political career.

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