Donald Trump Jr. Tweets How Amazing He Is For Participating In A Photo Op–Forgets Play-Doh

You just have to love when stuff like this happens. Donald Trump Jr, while campaigning in Arizona, managed to find the perfect photo op when a woman’s car broke down in front of him. Being the hero of the common man that he is, Little Loompa hopped into action — with someone taking video of the whole ordeal — and helped push the motorist’s car to the side of the road. It took all of 10 seconds:

He’s such a hero. The Daily Mail reported — with a Trumpster as their source — That Trump Jr. wanted no credit for his act of incredible bravery and that the woman had no idea he was there. The video, showing him next to an open door presumably talking to the woman, begs to differ, but that’s not what was important.

Trump Jr., without any Play-Doh, decided he wouldn’t need to be so humble and allowed his picture to be taken with the woman. This is, mind you, after he had already been videoed during his “good deed.”

To cap it all off, Lord Cheeto’s oldest son then took to Twitter to not at all brag about the incident by Tweeting the headline and a link to the story in which he is described as a man filled with grace and humility that just wanted to help a fellow human being — because that’s who he is:

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Who shares a story like this with a headline like that on their own Twitter page when it’s about them? A Trump, that’s who. Had he had a can of Play-Doh to hand to a child passing by his day would have been complete. Alas, he’ll have to be content with “saving” a woman by jogging behind a car that already had momentum from the other guys pushing it to feel good about himself today.

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