Donald Trump Just Made A Strong Case For Shutting Down Fox News

Donald Trump is known for lashing out with irrational statements when his feelings get hurt, but this one is a bit unexpected even for him. He took to twitter just a few hours ago to complain that “freedom of the press” should not allow our media to — as he puts it — “say and write whatever they want even if it is completely false!”

There’s a couple of WTF’s involved in that statement.

First, we have the fact that Trump lies habitually while being covered by the media. There’s virtually no time he ever made a campaign speech, or gave an interview, where he didn’t lie in some way. Trump would have had zero press coverage through his entire campaign if this was the standard to which broadcast or print media were held.

Second, this would disable all of the conservative media outlets in the country. Outside of spouting raging opinion about how Obummer is the worst dictator in the history of the universe, they couldn’t actually say anything else. Benghazi would have been a 1 day affair. Hillary’s email would have been a blurb on the nightly news for maybe two or three days total. Fox News wouldn’t even exist!

Realistically speaking, Donald doesn’t care about freedom of the press. He only cares about positive spin for himself. He obviously doesn’t care about Fox News lying about Hillary. He also doesn’t care about himself spending 8 years lying about Obama’s birth certificate, while Fox New reported it.

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What this really seems to be about is the first stage of grief for Donald — Denial. Trump knows he’s now toast. Polls show a 90/10 likelihood that Hillary will win. There’s no way he pulls out of this flaming nose dive before the inevitable crash and burn, so it’s time to blame the media for rigging the election.

Yeah, it’s the damned medias’ fault. They factually repeated the same words that Trump has said for the past year, and free people formed an opinion about his words. It just so happens that most of them are negative opinions. It isn’t Donald’s fault that he’s the avatar of every evil and disgusting inclination that exists in America. It’s the medias’ fault for reporting about the fact that he is. Expect to see Donald Trump for President INC to be filing for chapter 11 soon.

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