Donald Trump Loves Twitter, But The Social Media Giant Thinks He’s A ‘Racist A$$hole’

Donald Trump loves Twitter. He loves Twitter so much it is his favorite form of communication. The 45th president (I just threw up a little) often grabs his phone with his tiny little fingers the moment he wakes up and fires off some kind of ridiculous tweet. His love for the social media platform is so great that his staff warned America that he would continue to frequently use it even after he was inaugurated (he has) because why not? America has always longed for a commander-in-chief who frequently misspells words while ranting in 140 characters or less. Unfortunately for Trump it doesn’t look like the social media giant is all that fond of him. In fact, Twitter’s tech team seems to be trolling him…hardcore.

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On Monday, Fox News reported:

Donald Trump is known for his frequent use of Twitter, but on Monday profane terms typed into Twitter’s search function produced a result that would likely not please President Trump.

When the terms “a–hole” or “a–holes” were typed into Twitter’s search, Trump’s personal Twitter profile @realDonaldTrump came up under the “People” category.

And indeed, Trump’s account does pop up when you search those terms, as well as the term “racist”:

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Fox apparently reached out to Twitter and asked them to explain why their Orange God’s was being treated so poorly, but the company has not responded.

Now, it is possible that so many people on Twitter have called Trump an asshole and a racist that the terms are now forever linked with his account, but we searched other terms like “orange”, “xenophobe”, and “bigly” to see if his page would be linked, and it wasn’t.

More than likely, Twitter just thinks Donald Trump is as terrible as we do. I’m sure we will see a meltdown over this any day now.

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