Donald Trump Says The Struggle Of Black People Isn’t Much Different…From…His…Own (VIDEO)

The struggle is real.

That’s the message Trump had when Bill O’Reilly, who thinks all you need to do to end poverty is “lift people’s spirits,” asked him about the plight of black Americans. While Trump did quasi-admit that there are issues for “some people,” his megalomanical brain couldn’t help but make it all about him.

Trump said that the issues black people face aren’t unlike the issues he faces running for President, because “the system is rigged.” O’Reilly, still trying to get Trump to admit that all is hunky-dory in inner city USA, pressed the issue and reminded him that he’s not talking about presidential campaigns and still Trump makes it…all about Trump.

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Yes, Donald. Certainly “your” African-Americans can relate to your hardships. Growing up rich and being sent off to make your own way with a measly million dollars must have been difficult. It’s a wonder you survived at all. Why not tell us next how you’ve been pulled over and harassed for being orange.

Trump wouldn’t know hardship if it bit him on the ass. He wouldn’t know discrimination if it walked up and punched him in the face. The only way he’s ever been pulled over and harassed is if he was driving a jelly donut.

Get real, Donald. Then go away.

Watch Trump’s incredible ignorance in action below:


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