Donald Trump’s Halloween Costume Sparks Major Controversy

This Halloween there will be no shortage of people dressed up as Donald Trump. There is a complete array of Trump accessories available, from just the wig to a full mask as well as a plethora of cheap suits made in Mexico or India. But while people dressed as Lord Cheeto walk among the Darth Vaders, zombies and clowns this Hallow’s Eve, the real controversy are the costumes being worn by none other than The Donald himself.

It seems Trump will be masquerading all day and into the night as a decent human being.

It won’t be easy to pull off since he’s about the furthest thing from decent in the current pool of nearly 7 billion people on the planet, beating Kim Jong Un and the memory of Hitler by a few points but tying with Vladimir Putin for nearly dead last.

Trump has spent a great deal of time preparing his Halloween ruse. He’s been caught on camera prepping for the role several times over the past few months. For example, here’s a picture of Trump pretending to care about veterans’ issues:


Not too shabby, Donald. Not only did you get your picture taken with a veteran, you earned his purple heart for all of your bravery. It didn’t go over well at the time, but now that your decent human being costume is purposely meant to be a farce, it should play well.

Here’s one of Trump caring deeply about women and women’s issues:


Look at that love. Look at the concern. In his quest to pretend he’s a decent human being this could p;lay well as either a genuine picture of a role model for idiots or as perfect parody.

Some of Trump’s finest moments have been about the children. Who can forget these treasures:




If he can get some children to sit in his presence for more than 30 seconds without looking like they’ve just seen Hitler’s ghost or breaking out in uncontrollable crying, his costume may just be believable.

Trump has had lots of practice with minorities. While he hasn’t been able to convince many people that he actually cares or that he could actually be a decent human being, he does have a lot of practice pretending, presumably to prepare for today:


I could go on all day. Latinos, Muslims, people with disabilities…Trump has been an insufferable douchebag to all of them. Luckily for him he has today. Halloween is the one day of the year that nobody judges the clothes you wear. Trump can pretend to be a decent human being all day long because we all know: tomorrow it’s back to the bloviating narcissist we will hopefully be rid of in just over a week.

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