Donald Trump’s Tweets On Charlottesville Nazi Riots Are As Sad As You Might Expect

Earlier today, the situation in Charlottesville, Virginia, exploded when a tangle of Nazis, KKK, militia members, white supremacists, and the like all showed up for the “Unite the Right” rally. Violence follows these people wherever they go, so it won’t surprise anyone to know that it followed them to Charlottesville, and sparked a conflict that’s left at least one person dead and multiple injured.

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And while a variety of public officials were condemning the violence, Trump has said comparatively little — a whole two tweets worth, both of which are as vague and sad as you might expect — and prompted all the mockery on Twitter that they deserve.

If this seems to ring just a bit hollow to you, well, you’re not alone. These tweets are, after all, coming from the same guy who couldn’t disown the KKK while running for president last year.

Twitter users quickly called Trump out for his B.S., too:

This is definitely a result of Trump’s tactics and Trump making white supremacism okay again. He does own this, which is why no response shy of one announcing his intention to step down from the office of president will be enough to fix it.

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