Double Fail: Eric Trump Tries To Fix His Fake Pensacola Pic, Makes Things Even Worse (TWEETS)

When Eric Trump tried to make his daddy’s Pensacola rally look five times larger than it was by tweeting a picture of a rally in Texas instead, the internet responded…unkindly. I personally tore him to shreds, because…that’s what I do. It wasn’t exactly hard, considering this was the picture:

The Texas flag was a dead giveaway. After people like Mark Cuban and Keith Olberman called him out, it was off to the races for the not-really-news but still feel-good (because we got to point at a Trump and laugh) story of the day.

Without thinking, which seems to be a Trump Twitter trait, Little Loompa decided to go ahead and tweet out an actual picture of the Pensacola rally, which turned out to be a big mistake:

What difference does it make? Well, let’s see…it looks like it makes about 30,000 differences. It would seem that even though this much smaller rally, with a flag native to the state it was held in, wasn’t nearly as popular as the one you tried to portray. It also seems that the only reason you bothered wasn’t to squeak out a clever Hillary quote conservatives like to take out of context but to try to cover your ass, which is still obviously burning from the beating it took all day. Unfortunately, things just got even worse:

Ruh roh. That’s not good, Eric. It looks like your little mix-up wasn’t anything other than a bald face lie. Pants on fire. Your nose is growing. All the cute little puns apply. Twitter wasn’t about to just let it go:


Poor Eric. He may just decide to stay in bed tomorrow and do nothing. Just l.ike his father did on that day in 2001.

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