Dr. Oz Had To Edit His Trump Interview After He Went Creepy For Ivanka Again

Dr. Oz has already proven himself to be a farce by looking at the letter signed by Trump’s doctor and affirming that the words he used were, in fact, real. This came after the reality TV doctor and reality TV asshole advertised that there would be wondrous revelations about Trump’s medical history.

Now, it seems that not only did Dr. Oz and Trump lure people in for ratings, he also edited out one of the things Trump has been criticized for repeatedly: his weird, creepy obsession with Ivanka. According to journalists who were watching, Dr. Oz told Trump it was nice to see a father kiss his daughter, to which Trump replied, “I kiss her every chance I get.”

When the show aired, the exchange had been edited out, with Oz instead going right into questions that amounted to little more than stumping for Lord Cheeto. It didn’t go unnoticed by reporters who were in the crowd, however:

To be fair, there really is nothing wrong with a father kissing his daughter on the cheek. There’s nothing wrong with him doing it often. What’s happening here is that Trump has gone so far out of his way to say awkward things about Ivanka, dating, sex and her looks that another statement about anything including hugging or kissing was sure to spark articles from lefty bloggers all over the internet.

It’s a good think they nixed it before that happened.

You can watch the exchange on Mediaite. While it’s about as innocuous as can be, Trump only has own odd behavior to blame for this. It’s unnatural to have the kind of obsession with your own daughter Trump has displayed. Ivanka seems used to it. More power to her.

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