Drudge Report Spreads Lies About Hurricane, Calls It Government Plot (SCREENSHOTS)

Right-wing garbage heap The Drudge Report and Matt Drudge himself are trying to suggest that Hurricane Matthew is not going to be that bad. They’re even suggesting that it’s been intentionally over-exaggerated by the government as a method of promoting climate change concerns.

Drudge risked endangering the lives of many people when he sent out the collected of Tweets below, claiming a category 4 storm is a “fizzle” and that the government is behind it all.

A category 4 is only one stage away from maximum.

Not long before that, Drudge himself was already pushing conspiracy theories putting more lives at risk.

Here he goes full climate denier and says that the “science” on hurricanes in America is not verifiable.


This man is putting human lives in danger. While most of his 408,000 followers on Twitter probably are not in the storm’s path, some will be and they may listen to the crap he’s spewing right now. Conservatives have really taken the concept of encouraging Americans to work against their own interests to a whole new and potentially fatal level.

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If you asked Drudge if the ISIS propaganda encouraging Americans to harm their own country is wrong, he’d say yes it is. However, he will post garbage like this encouraging Americans to harm themselves by not taking the state, governor, Washington D.C, every weather service that exists, President Obama, and even Donald Trump seriously. If people stay and die because of Matt Drudge, he’s no different from any other internet terrorist.

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