Dumb Sean Hannity Gets Duped By A Fake Russian Twitter Account And It’s Hysterical

Let’s just jump right into this, shall we?

Wednesday night, Sean Hannity tweeted that he may have gotten caught up in the whole surveillance mess and may have been unmasked.

A troll by the name of Soviet Sergey seized on the opportunity to f*ck with Sean, tweeted back:

Now, here’s how obvious it is that this is a troll account. It would have taken anyone to spot the troll one second. Just one second. And maybe if you were talking about such a serious topic such as this, you would have done a cursory search on the account.

But not Hannity. Oh, no. If he had he would have seen this:

Believe it or not, but this really isn’t Sergey Lavrov’s official account. I deny, therefore I am.

Apparently, the account seemed credible enough for Hannity to direct message the account. Luckily, the person behind the account took a screenshot of the encounter.

Hannity asks, “Hello, I saw your tweet. What do you know about surveillance against me? Sean”

The troll responds, “Are you crazy? Do you think the Deep State is reading your thoughts?”

Hannity realizes his mistake and responds back with “Screw you, not funny.” We disagree, that is freaking hilarious!

Now, we know Sean Hannity is dumb. Like, definitely the dumbest anchor at Fox News — but this is next level dumb. Sean Hannity is so dumb, he once retweeted someone who wrote “Make Russia Great Again #MRGA” and didn’t realize it for a while. Sean Hannity is so dumb, he once had an entire hour to fact check an easily debunkable story about President Obama scrubbing his Twitter account of all mentions of Hillary Clinton and still reported it.

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But take a goddamn bow, Hannity! You’ve explored new depths to your stupidity.

It kind of makes you wonder, too. Did Sean Hannity just unmask himself as colluding with Russians by acting as their mouthpiece for the stories that would be helpful to Donald Trump? He seems to be worried the former administration may have captured intel on him. And given his quickness to respond to such an obvious troll account with a Russian name…maybe, just maybe, he exposed himself as a Putin propaganda puppet.

The troll really should have kept Hannity on the hook long enough to perhaps implicate himself in some crimes, but hey, we’ll take what we got.

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