Dumbest Post-Election Meme Ever Sells Racism, Poor-Shaming And Hate To Trumpsters

Conservatives sure love their sound bites and bumper sticker slogans. But more than that, they love their visual aids. If you have a few conservative friends your Facebook newsfeed is probably filled with conservative memes and other cute little photos for the terminally confused. And they are time-savers. Why bother with all of those words when you can look at a couple of pictures, then move on to the next conspiracy theory?

The election results brought about the revival of this popular map from 2000, which is being circulated as a desperate attempt to legitimize Trump in the face of his popular vote loss:


Of course, as anybody with a modicum of common sense will realize, many of the blue areas on that map represent hundreds of thousands, even millions of people. Most of the red represents areas where there is more livestock than human beings.

That one is bad enough. Even though the message is distorted the map itself is accurate. But a few days after the election somebody decided to make this meme:


That map takes it to a whole new level of stupid. And the stupid was out in force when the meme was shared on the Facebook page “Obama Is Officially The Worst President In American History!” This comment is a perfect example:


Ms. Larkin would do well to consult with something other than the nether-regions of her backside before making statements like that. According to 24/7WallStreet, six of the ten most dangerous states in the country, in terms of the violent crime rate, are bright red. And every state on that list save one — Delaware — has a Republican governor, a Republican-controlled legislature, or both. So much for the suggestion that criminals vote for Democrats.

Now, take a look at the blue areas on the first map and compare them to the areas in blue on the meme. Notice how the meme maker cherry-picked blue counties in order to make them match with the crime rate data? There are entire areas of blue that don’t appear on the meme at all. And, there are areas with big red circles on them that were solidly Republican, like in Indiana. The size of the circles isn’t accurate, either. For example, the crime rate in the New York City metro area is about two-thirds what it is in Houston, Texas. But the circles over New York are bigger and brighter than the one over Houston.

It’s amazing what somebody armed with a graphics program and an idea can do these days. If only they would arm themselves with a few facts at the same time.

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