Ellen Preparing Michelle Obama For Life As A Civilian Is Laugh Out Loud Funny (VIDEO)

Yeah, this is the funniest thing ever. Michelle Obama and Ellen walked into a CVS, and that’s about as far as things got before everything went off script.

Ellen seemed to be attempting to show Michelle how to be a “regular person” again, after she gives up her role as First Lady. I’m not sure how much Michelle learned, because the minute they got into the place, they (and by that I mean Ellen) caused nothing but mischief and trouble.

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All I can say is that if Michelle follows this example of how a “regular” trip to CVS goes, she may end up getting banned. Wine was involved, there were shopping cart rides, a baby made an appearance… it was shenanigans all the way around.

Make sure you watch for the special appearance by Bernie Sanders! You really need to just watch the video, because it’s so wacky that words don’t do it justice.

Watch the absolute best thing to happen all week below:

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