Eric Trump Just Insulted Every Working Class American With The Dumbest Labor Day Tweet Ever

When we get together with family and friends to celebrate labor day, we’re enjoying a holiday that celebrates the hard work of men and women in this country. We’re celebrating the unions that made America the strongest workforce on the planet. We’re celebrating a country that was built on the blood, sweat and tears of a dedicated and able working class.

Unless your last name is Trump. If that’s the case, you’re celebrating having privilege handed to you just for being born. You’re celebrating your wealth and flaunting it for all the world to see:

This asshole thinks just because there’s an American flag in a picture it represents the American people. Sorry, you spoiled little brat, but most Americans will never see that flag first hand. We’ll have to rely on you and your tweets to see how the “better” one percent live. We work our asses off year round to have enough extra to sink into a nice lawn so we can enjoy a summer cookout and you celebrate our labor by showing us a patch of real estate your family acquired off the hard work of others.

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Sorry, Eric — we’d rather enjoy our modest yards and charred circles of meat with the people who really make America great. You and your pretentious clan can have your exclusive clubs where, as the great George Carlin said, “the only blacks you’ll find are carrying trays.”

You and your entire family are out of touch and irrelevant. Please stop trying to pretend you’re one of us. You’re not.

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