Europe Asks America To Save Them: ‘Be The Bigger Moron…PLEASE Vote For Trump!’ (VIDEO)

Britain had its own “Trump” moment not that long ago, and when the time came they failed the test rather embarrassingly. They had a vote on whether or not to leave the European Union. Nobody who knew what they were talking about thought it was a good idea. Only the British version of what you would consider “Trump” voters were in favor of it because they’re about as intelligent as actual Trump voters are in America.

Actually, that’s a bit unfair. Nobody is as dumb as authentic American Trump voters. However, Britain still feels pretty badly about the fact they bollocksed up the works and in doing so, became a rather shameful example to the world of European know-nothing conservatism.

They have a plan, though, on how to make themselves look better — by asking America to make themselves look worse by comparison. This can be done by electing Donald Trump as our next president.

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Electing Trump will distract the world with everyone “vomiting in horror” to where Britain can again be the “classy, judy denchy” ones, while we look like “subhuman fuckwits who think that a mentally unstable bankruptcy addict will somehow be ‘strong on trade'”

Thankfully, Trump has almost no chance to become president and this comedy bit can be enjoyed as intended. That doesn’t mean it isn’t how people view Trump supporters and about 40 percent of Americans as a result. Something to keep in mind…

Watch the entire hilarious clip below:

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