Evangelical Christian Leader: Trump Should Pardon Arpaio And Make Him DHS Secretary

It’s often joked there isn’t a kakistocrat one that Trump hasn’t given a position to in his administration, but that’s not entirely true: Fox New’s favorite fascist sheriff, Joe Arpaio, remains free of a position in the Trump Administration.

And, after he was found guilty of contempt, Arpaio now faces six months in jail. Which probably means he won’t be getting one, either.

But at least one Evangelical Christian Leader would like to see that changed.

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Rick Wiles, broadcaster for the survivalist and End Times radio show “Trunews,” went live on Tuesday suggesting that Trump should not only pardon Sheriff Arpaio — he should also make Arpaio the Department of Homeland Security secretary.

Because that’s not a terrible idea.

“I have an idea. In addition to giving him a presidential pardon … President Trump, if you want to stand for justice and do something to strike against the deep state, please nominate Sheriff Arpaio to be the next secretary of Homeland Security.”

“The position will put him in charge of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency, along with the U.S. Border Patrol Agency. Your friends will shout with excitement and gratitude and your enemies will howl in misery, like wounded wolves.”

At this point, whenever one of these folks starts a sentence with “I have an idea” — run in the other direction.

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To give you an idea of the kind of man we’re dealing with, Wiles once suggested that Ebola could “solve American’s problem with atheism and homosexuality” — one imagines that Wiles would consider this a solution of the final sort — and that Pokemon was a tool of Satan used to spawn demonic powers and murder Christians, because hyperbole is a lost art among these Chicken Littles.

So naturally, placing Arpaio in a position of authority seems like a good idea for him. After all, jackboots made of leather march together, as Wiles freely demonstrates here.

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