Even Republicans Agree, Trump Is Showing Clear Signs Of Serious Mental Illness (VIDEO)

Trump is showing all the hallmarks of your classic dictator, from the so-called to “Dictator Chic” to the rampant paranoia — rampant paranoia that, according to Republicans who’ve spent to Mango Mussolini, say is getting worse.

It starts with his bizarre insistence that Obama had his tower wiretapped — even the DOJ had no idea what the hell he was going on about there — but it’s apparently getting worse, according to Republican strategist Nicolle Wallace.

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Wallace, while sitting in with MSNBC, made the following observation about America’s Disaster:

I sense that they have no plans today of walking away from this claim. This is still the president’s belief. Some folks still close to the president, but not on the White House staff said it’s a word I can’t say on family-friendly TV, but the initials are B and S. Another person who spent time with the president this weekend in Florida said it was signs of paranoia and delusion around this idea that he’s so right. Interestingly, he has sought to have people outside the government corroborate this wiretapping claim, which either suggests this observation of paranoia and delusion is in fact operation or extreme ignorance of all the powers at his disposal and all the investigative powers of the federal government.

This is really telling. We always suspected that the man wasn’t playing with a full deck, and here’s yet more proof — from the people closest to him, at that.

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Now, there’s nothing stopping a person with a mental illness from becoming an excellent president — for instance Abraham Lincoln, who likely suffered major depressive disorder. People aren’t defined by a single facet of them. That Teddy Roosevelt had asthma growing up was just one small facet of who he was; one that was in sharp contrast with the man he eventually became.

So while it’s true that his paranoia and delusional behavior are just a part of who he is, right now, they’re the things that are apparently defining the way he interacts with the outside world.

And that makes him very, very dangerous.

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