Exclusive Interview: Dylann Roof ‘Bragged’ About Killing An 11-Yr-Old Girl (VIDEO)

Dwayne Stafford, the man who notoriously punched Dylann Roof in the face for being a murderous, racist scumbag, gave an exclusive interview about the incident to The Black Collective, shedding light on the incident. According to Stafford, Roof was bragging about killing an 11-year-old girl, making him not only a murderous, racist scumbag but a liar as well.

Roof apparently tried to convince people in prison that he was sorry for the killings that will surely land him on death row, but his crocodile tears were far overshadowed by the heinous massacre and ridiculous manifesto he left for internet detectives to find.

Stafford, who was in jail 571 days without a trial, was freed on $100K bond shortly after the incident. Who paid for it is unknown. The Black Collective has organized a crowdfunding campaign to help Stafford pay his legal fees.

This excerpt shows highlights of the interview:

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You can also view the entire 12-minute interview HERE.

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