Fed-Up Facebookers Lash Out At Trump’s Stupid Used Car Salesman Ads For Useless Autographed Hats

Donald Trump is still fundraising. Yes, you read that right. He is still out there hustling for the American people’s money, even though he is this big, successful billionaire, blah, blah, blah.

Ok, in all fairness, newly elected presidents often still raise money for their parties and other candidates. So, we will not go too hard on the fundraising point, except, this one is done in the typical classless manner all things Trump are done.

This time, the Butternut Bigot isn’t begging for money in exchange for name plaques on a wall in Trump Tower, nor is it for a gold exclusive membership card to the KKK for his most esteemed supporters. Oh, and it’s not a red hat Christmas ornament either, although it does have to do with those stupid hats.

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This time it’s an autographed hat! Everyone all together now, “oooooo. . . aahhhhh.”

This for the bargain basement price of $183.

Here is the ad that appeared on Facebook from the President-elect Orange Goblin’s Facebook page.

While the peddling of this Make America Great Again hat, made in China, is bad enough, what may be worse is the complete failure of Trump’s social media team. You see, when you place ads on Facebook, you can select the demographic of people who will see those ads. Based upon the comments left on the page, one can see that his marketing people missed the mark. . . big league.

In fact, out of the lot, at the time of this writing, there wasn’t a single positive comment posted to the thread.

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Huh? I wonder how that happened. We were sure he said he only hires “the best people.”

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